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These are the 9 movement forms that Nia draws from... Are you familiar with them all? (I wasn't when I started Nia back in 2008 as a student!)

Nia in my own words - You're invited!

I love Erin’s vivacious vitality! She makes the class FUN! I am so happy to have found Nia. It makes me feel crazy alive!
— Marci

What is a Nia class like? 

Joyful, rooted, energizing... These are words I routinely here my students share about their in-class experience.

Nia is unique in the ever-expanding world of fitness for many reasons, here are three:

-Connecting to community: in Nia we connect, with our bodies and with one another.

-Non-impact, dynamic, full range of motion moves: the 52 moves of the Nia Technique offer unparalleled conditioning and engagement with all the muscles and joints of the body.

-Focus on pleasure: You will never hear me say "Push through the pain!" In Nia we are all about what feels good, and sensing how we can reach that point of positive tension, the edge--where we grow! 

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A 3 1/2 minute video about Nia from Nia Australia... Enjoy! 

Erin brings my emotions to flow with the music — I get totally lost in the moment. I love everything about this class! Nia is a gift that reminds me to be present in the moment. I love the way Yoga, Tai Chi and the other forms on the movement-meditation spectrum are involved with the music while doing an aerobic workout.
— Barbara
I love Erin’s spirit...It is clear that she loves Nia and loves to move. That spirit is contagious. She is very welcoming and encouraging. She makes it safe to be oneself and move or not, as feels right for your body. Plus it is so much fun!
— Linda