Nia is…

  • a barefoot fitness class that improves how you think, feel, move, and look
  • a blend of technique & creativity; the fusion of The Body’s Way with Your Body’s Way
  • a marriage of form & freedom that optimizes physical conditioning and adaptability to life change

Nia is an exhilarating barefoot cardio workout combining the martial arts, dance and healing arts. It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music in more than 45 countries.

Nia teaches you to listen to your body’s sensations as a method to achieve your fitness goals. Nia integrates 52 moves to increase your range of motion, strength, flexibility, agility and stability.

Every class offers a unique combination of 52 moves that correspond with the main areas of the body: the base, the core and the upper extremities. Stiff beginners and highly fit athletes alike can adapt Nia to meet their needs by choosing from three intensity levels.

Nia takes Play to heart

Nia gets you in your body, it’s fun, and it delivers results: cardio and muscle conditioning, weight loss, stress reduction, and increased energy and vitality! 

Nia's Mission

“Nia’s purpose is to grow a worldwide community of healthy people who are empowered to do great things. We believe every person can discover, explore, unleash and enhance their individual potential to live a fulfilling and meaningful life – by engaging their senses and listening to their bodies. With the right tools and education, we can increase our confidence and happiness. We can become connected to others to shape a consciousness that extends beyond our own. Together we will unearth possibilities never before imagined.”
– Nia Headquarters, Portland, OR

Curious about the Nia trainings? I'd be happy to speak with you about my personal experience. Students of all ages and fitness levels benefit tremendously from the 7-day White Belt intensive training, regardless of whether they go on to teach Nia. Watch this short video with Nia co-creator Debbie Rosas to learn more: