The Current, A Talk Show with Erin!

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“You’re tuned in to The Current for inspiration on embracing change, sparking curiosity and shifting perspective.” 

That’s right! I’m starting my own talk show featuring locals who make a difference by inspiring us all and bringing positive energy to our community through various creative endeavors. I’ll be talking to a featured guest each show on the themes of passion, service, community, nourishment, and life change.

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Got a question? Want to be on the show? Feel free to reach out and be in touch.

Episode #3 features Sarah MacLaughlin, local author and parent educator… Enjoy!

Thanks for tuning in to The Current! Check out the bookmarks and links below... Enjoy!

Sarah's Website: To support her new book: Links mentioned in our show: Birth Roots: Hand in Hand Parenting: Conscious Discipline: Positive Discipline:

Show Bookmarks: 12:50 Lifelong Learning 15:05 The Biggest Misconceptions/Myths about Parenting 19:20 Community for Parents 31:05 Being in Service / Being Served 38:35 Nia Movement Break: Across/Cross Punch 44:15 Our Brains on Play 49:40 Relating to Children Today (≠Carrots/Sticks) 55:00 Final Thought: Kind, loving, connected boundaries (Both And!)

Episode #2 features Kellie Ryan, Sexuality Educator and Licensed Massage Therapist… Thank you Kellie!

It was great fun to host Kellie in the studio! Here are some pics from our show taping. As you can see, my dog Dee is a natural in front of the camera — and so relaxed!

We had a great time filming the very first show! Big thank you to my guest, Erin McCall, who engaged me with conversation on swing dance, occupational therapy, improv, and much more!

Links and Bookmarks for Episode #2 with Kellie Ryan

What is a "sexuality educator"?

6:50 Kellie's personal story of how she became interested in this work

10:45 Massage Therapy

16:23 What does it mean to receive?

20:30 Sexuality and Community

27:50 Nia Movement Break: Finger Flicks! and

34:28 Special surprise moment brought to us by Dee, my dog

35:10 Life Change

42:20 Dis/Comfort with Touch

45:53 "Erotic Capacity" and Feeling Alive

49:20 Saying "No" is also saying "Yes" to something...

53:05 Resource: Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment

Links and Bookmarks for Episode #1

2:35 Portland Swing Project

7:14 Meditation

10:45 Occupational Therapy

14:45 Being in Community (dance, theater, improv, work, etc.)

16:30 Yes & Co. and Portland Playback Theatre.

18:05 Improv Classes, the benefits and resources 22:25 The myth of "Find Your Passion"

25:40 NIA MOVEMENT BREAK: Pelvic Circles!

31:26 Service, what it means and how we show up for it

38:18 Animals

41:15 Why this show is called "the current"

43:35 Meditation, Isolation, Fear and being human