Rooted & Free: December 2nd, 2017  


The next workshop is a collaboration I'm offering with local life coach and meditation guide Rachel Horton-White. Join us! Details below...

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Rooted & Free

Embodied Balance Between the Spiritual and Practical Worlds

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017, from 9-11:30am at the Westbrook Community Center Dance/Fitness Studio, 426 Bridge St., Westbrook

Join Erin and Rachel Horton-White for an in-depth experiential workshop, "Rooted and Free: Embodied Balance between the Practical and Spiritual Worlds." 

Cost: $40/person Early Bird (use coupon code EARLY). $50/person regular price. Click here to register.

Many of us walk between two worlds. We may have a spiritual practice, but often feel as if we need to hide this in our jobs, or in other everyday situations. We may have deep connections to higher guidance, but we struggle with applying our intuition to tasks like making money or paying the bills, which can feel very non-spiritual. 

Maintaining separate personas can be exhausting, and can drain our energy and create “stuckness” in our bodies, hearts and emotions. 

In this workshop, we will begin by expressing how this feels in our bodies through the guided, expressive movement of Nia with Nia Black Belt instructor Erin Curren. We will focus on balance, sensing our rooted base to the Earth through our feet and then move to our connection with the upper extremities, channeling and drawing energy up from our lower to upper chakras. 

By moving our bodies (following a routine led by Erin), we physically release what we are holding onto in our bodies and merge the Ego and the Higher selves even if just for a moment.

We will then verbally process and then write about what this experience was like, and participate in a guided meditation and visualization with Rachel Horton White, an intuitive counselor. We will get more specific about how we can move forth in our everyday lives by more intentionally bringing our Higher Selves, our souls and spirits, into all that we do, including paying the bills and going to meetings!

We will close with another embodied movement routine to fully close and balance our inner realities within our bodies, minds and souls.

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Rachel Horton White is an intuitive counselor, teacher, metaphysical seeker and writer. With guidance sessions, coaching, Angel Tarot readings and spiritual communities of support, she aims to merge the spiritual with the real world through Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting ( Rachel is also a recovering athlete, pianist, traveler, outdoor enthusiast, Tarot reader and lover of yoga. She claims her true education came from studying abroad in Dakar, Senegal and teaching English in Guadalajara, Mexico and learns every day from her two bright-eyed, energetic children in Portland, Maine. Rachel works with people seeking to find their true, inner selves by accessing thoughts, energy and higher guidance as part of the massive shift in consciousness in our world now.

Join us on Saturday, September 23rd from 9-11:30 am at the Westbrook Community Center, 426 Bridge Street in Westbrook. Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in and bring a yoga mat (or a folding chair), cushion/small pillow and blanket!

Cost: $40/person Early Bird (use coupon code EARLY). $50/person regular price. Click here to register.

Erin is luminous and her energy is contagious. I received so much from this experience.
— "Body as Source" workshop participant

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What I appreciate most about Nia with Erin is going at my own pace for my body. I’ve had a lot of injuries and this is the first class that I’ve been able to successfully enjoy.
— Diane