Nia for all, regardless of age or ability


Erin offers a variant of Classic Nia called Gentle Nia for individuals who seek a dynamic movement experience. She adapts routines and modifies the movements to be do-able at any physical level, standing or seated in a chair.

Erin has been offering monthly classes at an assisted living facility for folks with dementia in Maine for over 3 years. Residents respond very well to the expressiveness and fun of a Nia class with Erin. References available upon request. 

If you know of residential communities or senior centers where Nia would be a welcome addition, Erin would love to hear from you! It's never too late to increase our body awareness and the pleasure we experience in the bodies we call home.

"I have found myself a middle aged woman, needing a better relationship with my body. I have never danced, or taken a group class. I took a leap, and signed up for Erin's Nia class at Basics gym. I found her to be a gifted teacher and guide, and although I felt a bit off the mark the first class, I had felt a playfulness open up inside me.... long buried. Nia has been wonderful for every cell in my body, and an amazing workout." June 2013, Deb Hart (age 59)