The Magic of Circular Movement


I was struck the other day after class when a student came up to me, glowing from the connections she was making after completing a recent workshop on the 5 Principles of The Body's Way. She said: "I am so glad I went to your workshop last weekend! Moving in class this morning was a totally different experience now that I understand the 5 Principles! Every movement felt intentional and I GOT why we were moving the way we were moving, it wasn't arbitrary to me anymore. It's so cool!"

Not only is it cool, it's    c  i  r  c  u  l  a  r .

Why are circles so magical when it comes to movement?

  • They engage our full range of joint mobility
  • They challenge our balance
  • They balance our movements left and right, back and front
  • They balance our movements up and down, in and out
  • They condition the intrinsic muscles
  • They open up possibilities
  • They stimulate creativity
  • They engage more of our nervous system
steps in snow

I could go on... The point is that circles, spheres, curves, arches, arcs, great sweeping reaches into the space above, below, close-up and far-away... they all help us get unstuck! You may have noticed that there are very few naturally occurring absolutely straight lines in nature. Most lines are curved, most edges are soft, or irregular, textured, or askew.

Most human movements don't occur in straight lines either, unless you are on a man-made machine, or in a traditional fitness class where the majority of moves occur in a 2-dimensional space... Not so in Nia where we are all about multiple dimensions!!

The body demands balance and the circle delivers balance. See for yourself!

The next time you move, invite a circle into your movement as inspiration, into your walk, into your reach, into your sway... You may be surprised where it takes you!