Staying Present in the Body


As a student of Nia, I am always seeking out new ways to deepen my practice. Here are some tips for staying present in the body while moving: 

  • Begin by bringing awareness to your breathing: "Smell the moment," as we say in Nia
  • Greet all five senses...
  • Use touch to connect with your physical body
  • Relax your tongue in your mouth
  • Listen to the sounds surrounding you
  • Use your eyes to watch your hands and awaken the spine through natural movement
  • Bring your awareness to your feet, the soles connecting to the Earth. It's a dynamic connection: sense how the body is constantly adjusting itself through this connection. Imagine all 7,000 nerve endings in your feet as rays of light shooting energy up through the feet and into the base of the body and out the crown of the head.
  • Make no assumptions about how you move based on the past: embody the curious student to whom all is new

Consider these pointers as invitations throughout the class hour, invitations to stay present, to greet and re-greet the body. Most importantly, trust your ability to sense into this moment.

When you are out and about, whether in line at the store, stopped at a red light, walking the dog, or standing at the sink, these same practices can guide your attention back to the moment, to the experience in your body.

Ask yourself "What am I experiencing right now? What is present?" You may find the answers surprising. You may just find that your body has an answer you hadn't been hearing. 

Tune in throughout the day and enjoy a more intimate and pleasure-filled experience in your body.  We only have one!