“Spiral your smile”… say whaa?

Do me a favor, right now: notice the corners of your mouth. Now raise them, just slightly… that’s right…

Are you smiling? Did you notice anything change?

This morning in class I looked out across the room at the potpourri of faces and expressions among my students. Since we were playing with the cues “lengthen” and “spiral” I said, “Spiral the corners of your mouth!” Curious, I noticed most everyone in the class smiling, as if to say “Yeah, right!” but it worked!

There they were, the beautiful open faces of the students who just moments before were locked into their own gaze in the mirror, most of them serious, no doubt some of them with self-critical loudspeakers blaring… Ah, what a difference!

I am inspired as always by my students to find new ways of opening, accessing, and receiving the gifts of the body. Smiling is one of the simplest and most effective ways to change my mood and attitude, to lighten my load, and share my love. And I have to say: when it comes to smiling, faking it really does work too!

Don’t take my word for it though. Next time you are in a funk, bring your attention to those little corners and raise them… Then, relax and enjoy your body chemistry as it takes care of the rest…