Sensing Difference, Growing Gratitude: Lessons from “Zensation”


This week I started teaching the classic Nia routine by Debbie Rosas, Zensation

Zensation delivers classic Nia, yet feels different to me in how it’s structured and focused. 


Through each of the nine songs on the Nia Sounds album, we are invited to focus on one of Nia’s nine movement forms. My experience has been a revelation in sensing more fully what each influence brings to the whole of what I have come to know and love as Nia. 


Each movement form offers a unique energy, a flavor all its own. 

When I taste Jazz Dance, for example, it’s as if I have stepped into a sequined bodysuit, complete with top hat and cane. The fun, showmanship and expressiveness of this dance art comes through every fiber of my being. My face wakes up, my eyes engage and spark, my hands feel ten times bigger and my whole being radiates the sense of being in the spotlight.

Tae Kwon Do has a very different feel. I now imagine myself in martial arts uniform, black belt tied around my hips. I feel the power of the earth through my feet, my core alive with fire breath, yang energy channeled out through my strong and precise limb movements. The dance of precision, Tae Kwon Do gives me the feeling of power and strength in every move. 

I could go on… and what I love about Zensation is that we get to! We journey through all nine movement forms that together form the Nia Technique:

Song One: Feldenkrais, the awareness of sensation

Song Two: Tai Chi, the slow dance

Song Three: Jazz, the dance of showmanship and fun

Song Four: Modern, the dance of creative shape-making

Song Five: Duncan, the dance of free-spirited athleticism

Song Six: Tae Kwon Do, the dance of precision

Song Seven: Aikido, the dance of harmonious spherical motion

Song Eight: Yoga, the conscious alignment of bones

Song Nine: The Alexander Technique, movement from the top

I invite you to join me in December for this unique Nia routine that allows us to experience the energy allies in each movement form. Zensation teaches us to harness each in our own Body’s Way, and to play with curiosity to create something new for ourselves, together, in this dance of Life. 

Find your next Nia class with me here… Let’s step in!