NIA as Cross-Training

After a recent class I had a young, slim, fit-looking woman come up to me and say "I am so used to moving in certain directions, in lines up and down, and am not comfortable moving my body in new ways. By the end of class I was actually loosening up, and could feel the relaxation, even with the newness." This young woman was pointing to one of the essential benefits of the Nia Technique: moving The Body's Way. So much of our everyday movements are repetitive and limited, not to mention predominantly sedentary. Think about typing at a computer, driving a car, even running, biking or walking are very linear in pattern: our limbs repeatedly moving back and forth, up and down.

What is so great about Nia is the consistently with which we vary the movements and incorporate the use of circular and rotating patterns, even turns. This extensive variety of movements that are blended into each class is what makes NIA an ideal compliment to any repetitive sport or training regimen.

Let's take one major joint: the hip. Think about it: your hip joint is not shaped like a door hinge! It has the form of a ball and socket... and as such it is incredibly well-suited and designed for circular movements, like knee-sweeps and pelvic circles, and a variety of movements, like the kicks and hip-bumps you find in NIA. 

Love your body, get to know it!