My Body, My Community, My Planet

We live in amazing times. Opportunities abound for us to come together and make choices and changes that will impact the future of our species on the planet. We also live with the collective awareness that if these opportunities are not seized now, we may soon be too late to sustain human life on Earth.

I came across this powerful image from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day website recently. It is a representation of all the water on our planet if it were consolidated. What appears on the surface to be so very vast, is really quite precious and rare. Even more striking is the percentage of our planet's water that is fresh...


When we consider the Body, on a personal level, as an integral part of the larger Body of the Planet, we are made aware of our interconnection, and even more so, of our inseparability. Like cells in a single body, we humans interact and respond to one another in functioning and non-functioning ways. We live benignly with one another, most often cooperatively: there is so much love expressed in each moment between us as a species!

We can and do, however, also form malignant ways of being: Toxic behaviors that enforce separateness and increase the isolation of individuals and groups.

If we care about the sustainability of our species, we must begin to embody the sustainability of our own Body, both personally, and planet-wide. For me, this awareness can start by simply slowing down, and noticing my breath. Bringing myself to the present moment fully. Noticing my thoughts, rather than being my thoughts.

Join me for Nia class and call forth the creative ways you have of sensing into our dynamic interrelatedness.

Let's step in now... together