"Move Me Tuesdays" Gentle Nia for New Parents

Local Nia Teacher Erin Curren offers gentle healing & energizing movement for moms with newborns.

About Nia: Founded in 1983, Nia is a fusion fitness technique that blends the martial arts, dance and healing arts. In Nia, we place an emphasis on choosing pleasure over pain, and on sustaining awareness of sensation while adapting the moves to your body’s way. Many of Erin’s students in the greater Portland area have found a deeper connection to their own bodies, emotions, minds, and spirits through the regular practice of Nia. This has certainly been the case for Erin, who began practicing Nia in 2008 and teaching Nia in 2010. 

Class Details: Weekly on Tuesdays from 1:15-2:15pm through mid-May 2017 at the Portland New Church, 302 Stevens Avenue. Donation-based class fee $5-$15. Smooth wood floors, abundant natural light, bathroom and kitchenette are features of this space, along with free on-street parking. The hour-long session is intended as a combination of guided movement and opportunities for mutual support. Studies have shown that moderate exercise and support are especially beneficial in the postpartum period, helping to decrease the likelihood of depression, and have no adverse effect on breastfeeding.

Enjoy the soul-stirring sounds of music from around the world and across genres while moving in new ways and having fun with like-minded parents of newborns. All welcome!

Photo: Erin is pictured here with a young Nia participant at the Portland New Church!