Introducing NiaTV!

Master Teachers

Now you can enjoy the power and pleasure of a Nia workout any time of day, any place! Sign up for NiaTV and access Nia classes by master teachers from across the country and world. Take class with Nia Creator and co-founder Debbie Rosas! Explore what it feels like to follow the movements and cuing of a new person.

No More "Nia Withdrawal"!

Whether you live far away from where I currently teach, or just want more Nia throughout your week, NiaTV is now available to fill in the gap, or as one student of mine called it avoid 'Nia withdrawal' ! 

Classic Nia, 52 Moves, Moving to Heal & More

Enjoy a selection of classes, from Moving to Heal to the 52 Moves and more. A small monthly fee gives you unlimited access anytime, day or night! As a NiaTV partner and Black Belt Nia Teacher, I strongly encourage you to check out this amazing resource and take advantage of it today! 

Click HERE to check out NiaTV and sign up if you want!