Elegant Fitness: What PT Taught Me about Nia

nia is elegant fitness

This winter I had the unfortunate experience of first-time back pain. Anyone who has suffered from any kind of back pain can relate immediately to how debilitating this type of injury is. The funny thing is, this pain happened for me over the course of one weekend when I did entirely too much sitting in a car! As one of my Nia students said, “Erin, if there’s anyone who would get injured sitting it would be you!” I had to laugh too.

After being seen by a Nurse Practitioner I was encouraged to receive Physical Therapy for six weeks. Curious and new to PT, I eagerly attended as directed. I loved meeting the different PT assistants and working closely with one therapist. I learned about targeted exercises for the QL strain I had (that’s Quadratus Lumborum for all you unfamiliar with the muscle, technically part of the deep abdomen), and repeated them at least three times a week as directed.

What I learned from this new pain and the PT I used to treat it has only deepened my appreciation for the Nia Technique. Moving repeatedly through a series of 7-10 exercises and stretches was... how shall I say... a bit… well, boring! What I have grown to love even more about Nia is the efficiency of changing and varying the movements combined with the magic of music creates an effortless, elegant flow to a full-body, joyful workout.

The dictionary gives multiple meanings for “elegance” including:

1a. Refinement, grace and beauty in movement, appearance, or manners

… and ...

2b. Scientific exactness and precision

I love that precision is a part of the meaning of elegance, for it is through specific targeted movements that Nia conditions so well, yet offers each person the individual freedom to stylize and express their unique beauty, grace and refinement. Nia is indeed elegant fitness, and a practice I would not trade in this lifetime! Join me for class and experience elegance from the inside!