Big Magic: Let your creativity in... It wants to dance with you!

I had the divine pleasure of devouring Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Big Magic, and I heartily recommend it! Actually, I listened to the author read her book on cd, as I drove around southern Maine, teaching Nia and French. The audiobook gave me glimpses into the author's tone, be it gentle, coaxing, caring, sweet, sassy, sarcastic... or any number of other ways she has of flavoring her insights.

As I listened I couldn't help thinking that, for me, Nia IS creativity in action. It is moving with the unexpected: dancing with surprise, fear, love, anger, delight... the whole of our human experience! Nia helps me be bold, courageous, and yes, BRAVE...

Nia also helps me be quiet, and know when I need to listen, step back, reflect or simply witness.

I have found that Nia students discover something new about themselves in each class. Sometimes these discoveries are seemingly small, and sometimes they are huge. The fact that these gifts come clothed in a revolutionary fitness class is simply the best perk of all, n'est-ce pas?


Life is too short NOT to step in! Find a class near you here in Maine, and join me for Nia. As the teacher, I will be holding the space for you, and you can be sure that Nia will call forth the creative jewels you may not even know are inside you... yet!