Movement from the Core


Whenever I focus on movement from the core of the body – defined in Nia as the Pelvis, Chest and Head, I discover something new about my body. 

I remember when I first became aware of the sensation of these three body weights working in unison during a Nia class. It was complete revelation! My head, chest and pelvis were all nodding and rocking in a balancing wave-like pattern. I felt fluid yet stable, solid yet dynamic.

Sensing into the core of the body helps us bring balance to these three body weights. Imagine them like three bowls stacked one inside the other, moveable yet intrinsically and extrinsically connected. Improving alignment along the core also enhances breathing, allowing us to breathe more deeply and efficiently. It also improves our outlook! Bringing awareness to the core naturally improves our postural alignment and boosts our self-confidence. Yes we can!

Developing core power is integral to providing systemic strength to the entire body and increasing abdominal and spinal support. Everything comes back to the core, and our core powers so much of what we do! For instance, it’s easy for us to think that the leg powers a kick, but that’s only a fraction of the truth. Our core muscles are engaged when we lift and move our thighbone, just as our diaphragm provides support to our lower back as we exhale. What can we say; the core is… at the center of it all!

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